Digital e-CMR TransFollow: also for ADR transport


TransFollow’s Dutch distributor Beurtvaartadres and the Environmental and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) are working together to ensure a controlled roll-out of the use of TransFollow in ADR transport (transport of dangerous goods).

Beurtvaartadres and TransFollow, in close cooperation with the Environmental and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) and Den Hartogh Logistics, have started to use TransFollow’s digitised transport of documents for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR transport).

Project „Controlled roll-out of e-CMR TransFollow for ADR transport“.

In the project, TransFollow and Beurtvaartadres have been working closely with ILT for quite some time now to enable the use of TransFollow in ADR transport. The parties focus on using the possibility of using digital consignment notes during regular inspections so that the ILT can embrace the e-CMR for ADR transport.

Going live and rollout

The first TransFollow-ADR transport route has now successfully gone live with carrier Den Hartogh Logistics. More than one hundred ADR journeys are made with TransFollow every day. It is now also possible to register new ADR transport routes for the deployment of TransFollow. This means that TransFollow can also be rolled out further within ADR transport.

About TransFollow and Beurtvaartadres

TransFollow is the digital standard for consignment notes (e-CMR). Beurtvaartadres is the party that distributes TransFollow for the entire Dutch transport chain. The platform digitally connects the systems of the senders, carriers and recipients of goods. It simplifies logistics processes, saves time and costs and contributes to corporate social responsibility. It also provides 100% legal certainty and complies with all laws and regulations.

About the ILT

The Human Environmental and Transport Inspectorate (in Dutch: ILT) is the control body of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. More than 1,100 employees work daily on safety, security and trust in transport, infrastructure, the environment and housing.

About Den Hartogh

Den Hartogh Logistics is a leading service provider in bulk logistics for the chemical, gas, polymer and dry food industries. Safety and operational excellence are inextricably linked to the culture of Den Hartogh. The company strives to develop smart logistics solutions in cooperation with its customers and suppliers.

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The ADR functionality is  available with the latest update: 1.416.0 TF Android App en 1.420.0 van de TF API.