Sweden Ratifies the eCMR


Sweden Ratifies the eCMR

Stockholm, March 9th, 2020

With the ratification of the e-CMR protocol in March, Sweden is the 25th country allowing digital consignment notes as a fully accepted alternative to the paper version on all national and international transports.

After the ratification of the eCMR protocol in the UK in December 2019, Sweden ratified the addition to the CMR-protocol on March 9th. By doing so, the country is the 25th in total to allow digital consignment notes as an alternative to paper consignment notes on all national and international road transports. So far, all transports from and to Sweden needed to be accompanied by paper consignment notes for checks at customs and administrative tasks after the transport has been finished. By officially agreeing to the eCMR protocol, this is no longer necessary: While paper consignment notes are still accepted, they can now easily be replaced by digital alternatives, such as TransFollow: the standard for the eCMR.

Digitalisation has developed in an increasing speed over the past years. Especially in a fast moving sector such as logistics, the digitalisation of paper flows such as freight documents, has been long overdue. With the ratification of the eCMR protocol, all parties involved in a national or international transport profit from a variety of advantages of the digital consignment note. The e-CMR increases supply chain visibility and improves communication between the different parties by real-time insights, but also allows significant administrative cost savings due to less time spent on administration and archiving of physical documents. With its ratification, Sweden enlarges the area in which companies can make use of digital consignment notes again and adds another important country to the eCMR map. Companies can start using digital consignment notes for all national and international road transports to and from Sweden directly.

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