To support the industry the use of the TransFollow and Transport Portal platforms is now for free!


The entire Viaservice team wishes to express its gratitude to all truck drivers, planners, warehouse workers and other professionals in the transport sector for their dedication and hard work shown every day especially in these extremely difficult days.

In these turbulent times Viaservice will be offering free usage of its eCMRs through the TransFollow and Transport Portal platforms.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus transport companies have been working around the clock to ensure that supermarkets and other retail outlets are supplied in time and to keep pace with the unforeseen rate of inventory turnaround. It could already be noted that other businesses such as the horticultural business and the construction material supply business are struggling with the rapidly decreasing demand.

As the situation becomes more and more complex and different measures are taken across Europe and even change quite frequently, we fully realize that the organization of your transport business becomes even more challenging. Such challenging times call for improvisation, flexibility and hard work from all of us. For this reason, Viaservice has decided to also contribute to support the transport industry.

To help you to better organize your transports during the coronavirus outbreak we offer you the free usage of the TransFollow and Transport Portal platforms.

For all current active users and all new users of the TransFollow platform, the creation and issuance of the digital consignment notes from your technical environment or from the Transport Portal will be free of charge until 31st of May 2020*.

*Update: The period of free usage of the Transport Portal is extended to the 30th of June, 2020.

The Transport Portal is a web-based solution to create and issue the digital consignment notes and transfers such consignment notes to the TransFollow platform. The creator of the digital consignment note can indicate all required information (carriers, consignor, consignee, goods details …) and issue eCMR documents to all supply chain actors. The driver would then be able to access the consignment note, review, modify and sign it upon pickup and delivery.

Amongst the many benefits of managing this process digitally, the TransFollow solution will also contribute to ensure full and more efficient compliance with the currently required safety measures for drivers to ensure that drivers keep recommended distances between themselves allowing them to remain in the truck whilst still being able to sign the eCMR without the need of contact.

Moreover, now with many employees working from home, the use of paper consignment notes reveals to be a challenging process. Sharing information digitally allows the carrier, sender and recipient to have the full information immediately available. The use of the TransFollow eCMR also ensures continued invoicing and payment processes as this can be done from home without the physical exchange of any paper document.

Sign up to the Transport Portal

Scroll down for the instructions on how to use the Transport Portal.

Tip: IRU collects all latest information on measurements and restrictions on road transport concerning COVID-19 in Europe. Click here for the latest updates in your country.

Terms & conditions

  • The period of free usage will start today , 27th of March.
  • From the 31th of May 2020, you can unsubscribe free of charge.


Viaservice offers the possibility to use the Transport Portal for free until the 31st of May 2020. With the Transport Portal you can create and issue the digital consignment note. After its issuance the digital consignment note is transferred to the TransFollow platform, so that the driver can sign without any physical contact.

How can I start to use the Transport Portal?

How does the transport portal work?

The Transport Portal offers the registration of all your partners in the transport chain. Fill in the details of the carrier companies, drivers, senders and recipients. After the registration of your partners, you can create the digital consignment note. Download the Transport Portal manual for more instructions.

During the creation of the digital consignment notes you have two possibilities to assign the eCMR:

  • Indicate the e-mail or username of the drivers account
  • Indicate an access code by which the driver can access, through the TransFollow App, the digital consignment notes he/she has to work with.

When complete information is filled in the eCMR can be issued free of charge and will be transferred to the TransFollow Platform. From there the driver can access the eCMR with the TransFollow App on the road.

How can the driver work with the TransFollow App?

The TransFollow Android App is available in the Google Playstore. Download the free App and the driver can login with his/her username / password or with the access code communicated from the Transport Portal.

We have created instruction video’s to instruct drivers on how to use the TransFollow App for: